Reinvesting, after your advice
July 26, 2021

cafe project

MASSIVE news – we are giving our Café a major refurbishment. Customers have told us that they want to sit, enjoy the view and our Café service, for more months of the year. The project will be to transform the area outside the Food Hall, providing a covered patio and more seating. 

The canopy over the patio is retractable in each and every single section at the flick of a button. This will provide the Café with an area that can be shaded or covered from the rain. The larger of the two canopies will also collect rainwater that we will store and use to water our plants.


The Café area will be level and accessible to all with brand new slabs that sit slightly higher to remove the previous step to the doors –  easy for  customers with wheelchairs, prams or buggies.

We will also be expanding the overall seating for the outside area. In addition to new tables in the revamped area, the existing tables will move further into the paddock, and the old play area will become a new seating area that is a little closer to the pillow. 

New bins will be included within the project. This will help our recycling moving forwards. Also the shopping trollies will have a new home, with a proper storage area. 

We are of course very excited about this project, we have to make you aware that there may be some disruptions outside during construction. The Café will be open throughout though so please just bear with us.


For updates please keep an eye on our social media accounts especially Facebook.