Welcome to our BIG on BBQ page, as we are now into the Summer season we’re talking all things barbecue. From products available in our Butchery, to top tips and recipes. Here at the Food Hall BBQ season is one of our favourites. Keep an eye out on our social media channels for new products and if you’d like to see more of anything please do message us!


Here at the Food Hall we stock the recycled Kadai Firebowls, these beautiful and functional barbecue firebowls are handmade from recycled mild steel by family workshops in India. The hand cut metal plates are riveted in the traditional way for strength and durability to give the recycled bowl its classic look. Versatility at its best the Kadais come with a High Stand for barbecuing and a Low Stand for use as a Firebowl, by simply transferring from one stand to another. 


Karahis (or Kadais) have been used all over India for generations as traditional cooking bowls. As the centerpieces for weddings, festivals and large celebrations, people would gather around the Karahis, and some were even engraved for the occasion. A fire would be built beneath the bowls as mothers and grandmothers would cook and prepare delicious curries inside them (some of which span 2 metres in diameter). 


The Kadai size that we stock is 80cm in diameter, this comes with the Low and High Stand and cooking beads, we also stock a big range of the Kadai accessories, this includes smaller accessories like marshmallow forks, gloves and aprons to the larger accessories like pizza ovens, paella bowls and even furniture to accompany the bowl.