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All about The Farm and our storied history.

Bee   Friendly I've always loved bees. A balmy June day without the hum of busy, pollen-laden insects on our amaethyst haze of fragrant lavendar just wouldn't be summer! As a child, I remember my grandfather telling me how important it was to look after the bees...

A trip to Wantisden

A trip to Wantisden

A Farm   TripIt's always great when we are invited to see where exactly our meat comes from, and to see the local farms that rear the animals.  Me and Craig (our skilled butchery manager) took a trip to meet Tim Pratt, Farm Manager at Wantisden Farm, and the location...

February 23, 2019Our StoryOur   Sourdough Our standard sourdough is made with Marriages Premier White high grade flour, it's high in protein and untreated with no improvers. We only add salt, water and a sourdough wild yeast starter made with just rye flour and water...