Rooted in tradition, anchored by quality, our award winning butchery is central to Suffolk Food Hall. Using local farmers, including our own, and craft butchers, we are able to offer a full service, daily.

 the Working with a network of local suppliers who share our principles, is essential for providing an end product to be proud of.  We value high quality, slow grown, and naturally matured meat. In following tradition, our produce is well hung, before our team begin the art of carcass breakdown. This allows us to produce an array of different cuts and to prepare what you want specifically

The meat enjoyed by our customers in the The Restaurant @ Suffolk Food Hall, and is prepared by our butchery team, with the same commitment to quality and traceability as the counter in the Food Hall. We also supply the Made @ Suffolk Food Hall kitchen, who in turn supply our Delicatessen.

The effort we put into preparing our meat, continues all the way to the customer enjoyment. We encourage questions to ensure the end product eaten is the best it can be. As such, knowing our meat and our customers are both paramount to our butchery. 

Our Mutton & Venison club offers the opportunity for our customers to try some different flavours and textures in their cooking. The benefits of the Mutton & Venison club include additional knowledge, specific joints prepared for you and an earlier opportunity to purchase. The additional knowledge includes provenance, recipes and insight from Ben, the Gamekeeper at Broxtead. It is not just suggestions from us, all members of the club are encouraged to share knowledge and learned lessons to allow us all to enjoy the meat even more.

To join simply email


Ordering is simple. The butchery team, led by Gary, are happy to take orders, feel free to speak to a member of the team on 01473 786 613. There is a small showcase of our offering online, but as an independent, full-carcass butchery, have a much wider range available in the counter. Orders of all sizes can be taken and any specific requirements can be discussed in advance.

We won’t process any online payment when an order is placed. This allows us to get the weight of the product as near to requirement as possible and then charge accordingly. We then charge at the point of dispatch for our couriered service, or on collection.  If you’d like us to send it to a separate address please let us know, we are happy to arrange delivery.