Caring for your Christmas Tree
Top tips for looking after your Christmas tree.
November 06, 2019

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Isn't it the most wonderful thing, picking your perfect Christmas tree, that tree that can hold all the decorations you've accumulated over the years (or just purchased if this is your first tree). The one that will look the best with those twinkly lights, that will take centre stage in the living room. Some say "there's nothing better than a real Christmas tree" and here at the Food Hall we agree. 

Real Christmas trees arrive in our garden centre around mid November each year. locally grown and felled within 2 days of delivery, which means they are fresh, rather than being cut and stored for months in advance and shipped from Scandanavia. 

We hand select our trees, picking the best ones and making sure they are all lovely and up to the standard we pride ourselves on. 

We work with standard sizes from 5ft up to 8ft but can acquire bigger sizes with enough notice. It's been quite surprising the amount of 12ft trees we've had requested the past few years, some of you must have big ceilings! 

If you need any help when selecting your tree we are on hand to cycle through them, twirl them if required and even cut branches off to reduce a bit of height. All trees are netted and help to the vehicle is always offered. 

Types of Tree

Nordmann Fir 

The most popular tree due to its lovely shape, colouring and marvellous ability to hold its needles for absolutely ages 

Norway Spruce

A less bushy, traditional shaped tree. Also less blue/green than the Nordmann and more green/green. 

Douglas Fir

A full on bushy, wild tree that is beautifully orange scented and will perfume the house. YUM!

General Care Tips 

1. Let your tree acclimatise to the heat of your house. That is, if you can resist the temptation of putting it up and decorating it NOW NOW NOW, then an overnight stay in a shed or garage will make your tree happier.

2. The more water you can give your tree the better, so keep it topped up, our lovely wooden tree stands have internal containers for this purpose.

3. Try and keep your tree in a cooler place in the house if possible. I.e. not right up against a radiator. Without turning your house into an igloo but a cooler hallway or porch is often a better temperature for a tree and what better way to welcome guests throughout winter than with a beautifully decorated tree.

Christmas trees will be in from mid-November, give us a call to find out exactly and pop in to pick your perfect tree this Christmas.