Christmas Trees from the Suffolk Food Hall
Advice from Mel, Home & Garden, on getting the best from your Christmas Tree this year. Tree types, sizes, delivery dates, etc. Why it's best to buy local...
November 08, 2018

Top   tips

It’s that time of the year when you might start thinking about buying a Christmas tree.  So:

  • When exactly is the right time to buy one?
  • What size tree is best for me?
  • What type of tree?
  • And will it last till Christmas?

All of our Christmas trees are grown locally in Suffolk at Red House Barn near Aldeburgh.  This means they will last longer and are better environmentally.  Three new trees are planted for every one that is cut and they don’t have far to travel, the trees are only felled a day or so before they come to us, as opposed to being cut months before then shipped over in a chilled container.



Tree Options


Nordmann Fir

The most popular tree due to its lovely shape, colouring and marvellous ability to hold its needles for absolutely ages.

Norway Spruce

A less bushy, traditional shaped tree. Also less blue/green than the Nordmann and more green/green.

Douglas Fir

A full on bushy, wild tree that is beautifully orange scented and will perfume the house. Yum!



General     Instructions

  1. Let your tree acclimatise to the heat of your house. That is, if you can resist the temptation of putting it up and decorating it NOW NOW NOW, then an overnight stay in a shed or garage will make your tree happier.
  2. The more water you can give your tree the better, so keep it topped up.  Our lovely wooden tree stands have internal containers for this purpose.
  3. Try and keep your tree in a cooler place in the house if possible. i.e. not right up against a radiator. Without turning your
    house into an igloo but a cooler hallway or porch is often a better temperature for a tree and what better way to welcome
    guests throughout winter than with a beautifully decorated tree.

Our trees begin at £29.99 and come in a range of sizes from 5ft through to 8ft (and even bigger ones with a bit of notice).

Available from the end of November.

Author: SuffolkFoodHall- Mel (Home & Garden)