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21 May 2020

Suffolk Food Hall   Hampers

Whatever the time of year, finding the right gift for an important person can present a real conundrum. It’s likely that for many recipients a brilliant present will come to mind easily.  However, there is always some one (or two, or more if you’re really unlucky) that cause a real headache; ideas are quickly dismissed with no further inspiration, as the deadline draws ever closer.  Hampers provide a great solution.

Hampers appear, and most of the time are, extremely personal and can be tailored as much or as little as you deem fit. They allow you to collect smaller items over a longer period of time from a whole host of different places, the kind of things that on their own do not have enough substance to be given as a gift. These little pieces have caught your eye for a reason, so when you begin to group them all together into a single present, you begin to see just how fantastic a hamper can be.  Similarly, if time doesn’t allow, a group of products which may otherwise have seemed a little disjointed can be pulled together within the wicker of a basket, beautifully presented with a real ‘wow’ factor.

 However, don’t be fooled into thinking a hamper can just be thrown together as the present equivalent of a ‘get out of jail free’ card.  They will need thinking through.


Having made several thousand hampers, the Suffolk Food Hall has navigated a few obstacles in its time and can provide a few pointers to set, and hopefully keep, you on the right track.

 Start with the container itself; tray, basket, box, bag, whatever it may be so you can see what sort of size your contents need to work with. There is nothing worse than having to buy extra items to fill space, or it looking unfinished because there is loads of unused space. Consider a simple container (cardboard box) to get more booty for your buck.  At the same time try to avoid cramming stuff in to the point of the hamper bursting at the seams or, like me, you won’t find time to return the items you have removed and be stuck with them!

Last but not least, leave plenty of time to wrap hampers.  It is an art, and may take more time and attempts than you think.  Or take it to someone who’ll do it for free

 Of course on reflection of writing this, hampers should not be a last resort for helping with those left on your list to buy for, or the ones that are ‘awkward’. A hamper holds the potential to be a great present for anyone on your list, with the added possibility of personalising it to each recipient which makes them all the more special.


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Author: SuffolkFoodHall - Jean, the hamper queen !