Puzzle  Room

Solve the Vanished lab-room challenge or catch an artful gang in the Orwell Dockyard; both our puzzle rooms combine authentic props and unique Suffolk themes to give you a hour of high drama!

Based in farm buildings at the Suffolk Food Hall, underneath the Orwell Bridge, the adventures encapsulate the heritage and rural background of the site and surrounding area and are suitable for ages 9 to 90.

The Suffolk Food Hall is delighted to provide two enigmas: solve the mystery of Prof Campbell’s disappearance and stop the antics of Charlie Webb in the Dockyard.

Book in advance

Advance booking is required, either online or call 01473 786 618

Vanished: Prof Campbell's Lab

Beef has been reared on the farm for many years; this very ground was once part of a dairy operation. Times have moved on and the demand for the best flavoured beef with nutritional balance, is relentless. Prof Campbell has dedicated her life to this pursuit, looking to combine the best attributes of traditional breeds of cattle to create beef that tastes like no other.

A press conference has been called by FRESTIDE to announce a ground-breaking discovery and culmination of a lifetime’s work. There is however a problem; Prof Campbell went missing 48 hours before her big moment, leaving nothing but a note and has been uncontactable since. As suspicion mounts, her assistants have cracked under the pressure of piecing together her detailed workings to present in her absence.

With nowhere to turn FRESTIDE has placed all its hopes on one last set of fresh eyes to survey the scene or risk canceling the announcement which will see the programme shut down forever. Can you piece together the data and find the perfect genetic code for beef, that may change civilisation forever?

R&W Paul's Orwell Dockyard

Take your team back to turn of the century, when R & W Paul used the River Orwell to ship grain and commodities the length of the east coast.  Lord Wilkinson, a powerful figure in the North-East, is suspicious of Charlie Webb, the dockyard foreman with a chequered past.  A collection of Wilkinson’s rare textiles and fine art is missing.

The loading bays of R & W Paul have been searched by a mob of Wilkinson’s most trusted men but to no avail and much to his despair.  Webb is due back in Newcastle within the hour, before setting off for further exchanges in France, so the window of opportunity to snare him is closing fast.  Search the Orwell Dockyard to find the evidence Wilkinson craves so desperately, a snatch gang of his men are poised in a Tyneside tavern awaiting news…

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from 12.50 per person

Select your group size (participants, 2 to 8), then choose the theme (Puzzle Room), before browsing the calendar to find the best date and session time for you.

Prices vary with number of participants.

  • 2 to 4 people ~ £70.00
  • 5 people ~ £77.50
  • 6 people ~ £85.00
  • 7 people ~ £92.50
  • 8 people ~ £100.00

Frequently Asked Questions

How many players can play the game at once?

Both the Vanished Lab and the Orwell Dockyard have been scripted to allow groups of 2 to 8 people at once.

Who are the challenges aimed at?

Anyone; typically aged 9 to 90... families, friends, work colleagues, students, corporate ice-breakers and team building; in fact anybody who likes trying to solve a puzzle with a bunch of friends. Under 14s need to be accompanied by at least one adult. You don’t have to climb over walls or clamber through tunnels so no need to be super fit.

How can I make a booking?

Call us on 01473 786 618, email us or book online and let us know which session (date/time) and which adventure you require.
Payment can be made by card over the phone, via our on-line shop, or in person by card or cash. Corporate customers are welcome to apply for an account.

I already have a booking but I’d like to change the date (or scenario), what can we do?

Sorry, we do not give refunds but we are happy to reschedule where possible and when more than 48 hours’ notice is given. If less than 48 hours’ notice is given, payment is forfeited and you will be required to rebook if you would you like to have another go. Please give us a call on 01473 786 618 or email to check alternative room availability, dates and times. Bookings may not be transferred or resold for commercial purposes or at a premium.

I'd like to change the number of participants. Can I do this?

Yes; we're happy for additional participants to join the group as long as all have paid in advance of the session (an additional £12.50 per person). As mentioned, we don't give refunds (in whole or in part) but we are happy to reschedule where possible.

I already have a booking but I need to cancel. What can I do?

A booking is only valid if payment is received in advance. As above we do not give refunds but we are happy to reschedule where possible. Please give us a call to check alternative room availability, dates and times.

Am I able to purchase a gift voucher for a friend?

Yes, our normal gift vouchers can be used. They come in £10 increments and are valid for 6 months from the date of purchase.

What if I’m late?

Please be sure to arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled slot, and a good place to meet is in the Cafe! If you arrive late your time will not be extended, and you will have even less time to escape the room, making the puzzle even harder. If you fail to arrive at all, you forfeit the cost of the booking.

How long will the game take?

The scenario requires you to escape within 60 minutes from the time you enter the room. When you arrive you will be given a 5 minute briefing and then escorted into the Puzzle Room where you will be 'detained'. Also leave 5 minutes after the game, allowing us to go through any puzzles you struggled with.

How will I know when the 60 minutes are up?

A countdown timer is displayed on a screen inside the room and the puzzle master will restrain you after 60 minutes.

Do I need to be brainy to take part or do some revision before hand?

No specified level of intelligence or advance knowledge is required; just a sense of fun, a love of playing games and solving mysteries. Our friendly staff will be on hand to give your some helpful hints should you need them.

How accessible is the Puzzle Room?

You don’t have to climb over walls or clamber through tunnels so no need to be super fit. However, as the game is set in old farm buildings, there are some limitations on wheelchair access but this should incumber your team. It is advisable to have at least one hearing member of your group, as there may be audible alerts included in the experience. Most of the clues and puzzles are visual.


  • • Please do not break any of the equipment
  • • Do not step or climb onto the furniture
  • • Do not tamper with or attempt to move items that are secured to the walls and ceiling
  • • Do not use tools to disassemble the furniture
  • • Do not write on any items other than paper provided
  • • Do not use any of your own items inside the room
  • • Turn mobile phones off or put on silent
  • • Have fun !

Terms & Conditions apply


  • 4 people ~ £17.50pp
  • 5 people ~ £15.50pp
  • 6 people ~ £14.17pp
  • 7 people ~ £13.21pp
  • 8 people ~ £12.50pp

Friday & Saturday ~ 9:45am to 7:30pm
Sunday ~ 9:45am to 3:25pm
Mon to Thu ~ prior arrangement only

Times may vary during public and school holidays or by prior arrangement for corporate and large private groups.