Summer on the farm
June 14, 2019

Summer   Farming

With calving finished and all the breeding cows and their calves out on the grass, work on the cattle slows down a little. Cattle still need to be checked twice a day but it is now a pleasant stroll into the meadows amongst them. With the bulls also around they have a few weeks to do their ‘stuff’ with the result being a new crop of calves early next year. Woldsman Guardain and Rocket are the two bulls working their magic. Gus our previous bul,l I had the pleasure of meeting, and you don’t realise how hefty they are until they charge right past you in a field!

Aside from the cattle, there is maize currently being grown on the farm. This will be turned into silage in the autumn as winter feed for the cattle. Baling of the barley and wheat will begin once the combine harvesters have finished in early August and this will be used as winter feed and bedding once the cattle are settled indoors. This year has been kind to us with the rain which means the cows have plenty fo eat and the calves have plenty of Red Poll milk to suckle!