Welcome to the Garden Centre at at Suffolk Food Hall We’re your go-to spot for lifestyle gardening in Suffolk.

Step into our little green paradise and discover a world of cozy furniture, delightful ornaments, and lush plants that’ll make your outdoor space truly special. From bistro dining to rustic ornaments, we’ve got everything you need to spruce up your back garden.

We’re proud to partner with Katie’s Garden from Newbourne, Suffolk, bringing you top quality plants.

Also expect to find a range of tools, seeds, and locally sourced plants that are just waiting to find their home in your garden.

At Suffolk Food Hall, we’re all about helping you create the garden of your dreams, and making it easy.

Swing by and if you need some advice our staff are here to help. 


Here at the Food Hall we stock the recycled Kadai Firebowls, these beautiful and functional barbecue firebowls are handmade from recycled mild steel by family workshops in India. The hand cut metal plates are riveted in the traditional way for strength and durability to give the recycled bowl its classic look. Versatility at its best the Kadais come with a High Stand for barbecuing and a Low Stand for use as a Firebowl, by simply transferring from one stand to another. 


Karahis (or Kadais) have been used all over India for generations as traditional cooking bowls. As the centerpieces for weddings, festivals and large celebrations, people would gather around the Karahis, and some were even engraved for the occasion. A fire would be built beneath the bowls as mothers and grandmothers would cook and prepare delicious curries inside them (some of which span 2 metres in diameter). 


The Kadai size that we stock is 80cm in diameter, this comes with the Low and High Stand and cooking beads, we also stock a big range of the Kadai accessories, this includes smaller accessories like marshmallow forks, gloves and aprons to the larger accessories like pizza ovens, paella bowls and even furniture to accompany the bowl. 

We’re partnering with Katie’s Garden from Newbourne (Suffolk) who will be providing a range of beautiful plants for our garden centre.

Katie’s Garden is situated in Newbourne which is south of Woodbridge. They dedicate half of their site to growing.

They grow using a variety of methods, some of them coming from seeds, plugs or liners and then others starting their lives as cuttings.

They grow in a huge variety of plants in small batches, using top quality compost and allowed to grow at their own pace, which means you’re getting a quality cared for product.

Katie’s Garden was started in 1997 by Susie Davis in her back garden when her daughter (Katie) was still a toddler. The business expanded and then moved to a semi-derelict site in Newbourne in 2001. The retail side of the business opened in 2002, originally with a focus on bedding and perennials. 

The business has grown and grown and now has a flourishing retail and wholesale side alongside their extensive plant growing and cultivation aspect.