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Our Own Traditional Ham

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Our glazed hams are all from local gammons which are then treated to one of Our Kitchen’s special indulgence techniques.  We begin by slow-poaching every gammon at 75c, whereupon the skin is removed and the fat scored. Our Kitchen smothers the hot hams all over with loads of glaze, before they’re popped into a hot hot oven. The important part then is basting regularly, and at the right moments, to ensure a thick, even and sticky glaze.

Our most popular ham is honey and wholegrain mustard, although you’re most welcome to order a plain one, or one of the other glazes; with or without an additional tub of glaze to finish it in your own way.  We vac-pack our hams to help preserve them and to maintain composition and shape, until you want to tuck in!  Order for collection or have it all packaged up and delivered in a cool box.

Hams are normally from boned and rolled smoked gammon. Please keep hams chilled (below 5c). Hams can be frozen if required.

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We like to get our pork from Chris Schwier, who runs a small family farm just on the Norfolk side of the Suffolk boarder. He has an outdoor herd of Large White crossed Duroc, which is looked after by a small team and finished in strawed barns to consistency. Bramfield Meats, who do all our butchery logistics, also uses these pigs for its range of cured products; echoing the kudos we feel Chris’ pigs provide.

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143g Gammon per 100g of ham. Glazed smoked ham 94%, mustard 2%, soft brown sugar 2%, honey 1%, seasoning. Allergens: Celery, mustard, sulphur dioxide. Cure preservatives: E230, E250, antioxidant E300.