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Free Range Chicken Leg

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The legs are taken from the whole chickens broken down by our Butchers. Enjoy both the thigh and drumstick, their crispy skin and the way they fall away from the bone.

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Spoilt for choice! Most of our birds come from Hog & Hen in Stonham Aspal or Sutton Hoo (Woodbridge). The Hog & Hen bird is held in high regard by all at the Food Hall and it’s no surprise. They are free range and slow matured before being slaughtered, plucked and finished by hand on farm. The skin of these birds is remarkable.

Many customers also prefer the slightly smaller bird from Sutton Hoo, which is similarly given the freedom of fresh grass, fresh air and the time to mature; resulting is a superb bird.

Come Christmas we also call upon William Grove-Smith (Braintree) for turkey butterflies, and Great Clerkes Farm (Saffron Walden) for duck, geese and the occasional chicken.

Due to the artisan nature of our local farmers, stock of free-range chicken is in short supply Monday to Wednesday. Best order for delivery on a Friday.