SFH on Tour – Karl Greene Pottery
July 26, 2023

karl greene pottery

SFH on tours are like buses, none for a little while and then two come along at once! This time the team made the VERY short trip from Suffolk Food Hall to Karl Greene, a talented potter who has been showcasing his exquisite pieces at the Food Hall for a little while now. 

He is now situated on Suffolk Food Hall land, and Karl’s studio provides him with a tranquil workspace offering breathtaking views and the soothing melody of birdsong. 

During our visit, Karl graciously gave us a tour of his new studio and demonstrated his pottery-making process. The ambience was truly peaceful, providing the perfect environment for his artistic endeavours. He shared with us the origins of his craft, dating back to his A-level Art and Craft class in Lincolnshire back in 1989. 

A strong advocate for sustainability, Karl embraces the principles of reusing and recycling within his studio and beyond. He repurposes pallet wood and discarded materials to construct benches for in and around his studio. Notably, he trasnformed an old non-functional fish freezer from the Food Hall into a clay-warming station, showcasing a brilliant example of giving new life to discarded items. 

We were also introduced to his cutting-edge kiln, which operates wirelessly and connects to a hotspot. Karl monitors its activities through an app on is phone, even when is away from his studio. 

For those interested in delving into the world of pottery, Karl offers a variety of classes suitable for all skill levels, from beginner to intermediate and even advanced potters. Bookings for these pottery lessons can be made via the provided link:
Karl Greene Classes

Depending on weather and availability, participants may even have the opportunity to experience a single raku firing during the session. 

Furthermore if you wish to admire and purchase karl’s exceptional pottery, you can find his work showcased in our Home Department. Visiting Karl’s studio was a delightful experience, and we thoroughly enjoyed this as part of SFH on Tour.