The King’s Coronation
May 03, 2023

King Charles’ Coronation

This upcoming Coronation I will be celebrating a King who cares for the Earth and has a desire to protect it. 

In his words. “I’m a dangerous person because I mind about things”. 

Things like planting trees and wildflowers are part of King Charles’ everyday activities not just talking about them, which he does frequently. “We’re losing so much that’s really precious. Just one example is the wildflower meadows all over this country”. 

“Most of them have disappeared. Dug up, plouged up or sprayed” 

It is a gardener’s essence to work with nature and gardeners are generally caring souls, for plants and people. 

“I’ve had this extraordinary feeling for years and years, ever since I can remember really, of wanting to heal and make things better. You can help heal the planet even just by growing flowers for bees in a window box”. 

You can help 

If you have a garden, let the grass grow a little longer, sprinkle wildflower seeds everywhere, plant wildflower in lawns and garden organically with no chemicals. 

Plant a tree and let nature thrive. 

We have some great tips in our blogs for encouraging wildlife into the garden.