Stink the Sloth – World Book Day
March 02, 2023

Stink the Sloth

What’s your story? How did your business start?

I’m currently a primary school teacher in Kesgrave, Suffolk but have always dreamed of publishing a book. In November last year, after years of refining the story and getting illustrations exactly how we wanted them, the business properly begun, the book released and the dream became a reality!

How many people are in your team?

There’s just myself and my wife, who just happen to be the author and illustrator respectively! We do have a small army of ‘sales staff’ but we couldn’t have achieved half of what we have without the expert advice and craftmanship of Guy at GCD Design who made it all come to life in digital form and has been guiding us along our new path. 

Where are you based?

We’re based in Suffolk!

What makes Stink the Sloth fun for children? 

I feel it combines beautifully engaging illustrations with a fun message to children that friendship, camaraderie and kindness are vitally important in life. Also,m from an educational point of view, it introduces animals, and their physical characteristics, native to the rainforests. 

What makes your book/story unique?

A football-playing sloth is unique in itself but it’s a perfect book for young independent readers as well as a family read together at bed time. 

Inspiration behind your book?

I used to make up bedtime stories for my two sons and invariably they would involve football or their favourite animal, sloths. When spending time away on school residential, I began writing down ideas of stories that I could send them via video. I then began writing in greater depth, the ideas developed and the book was one step closer. 

Something that your customers may not realise about your business?

The name of our publishing company, Den Mountain Publishing Ltd, is actually a game I used to play with my sons involving all the cushions from our sofas in our lounge. Great fun and wonderful memories. 

Best business moment?

Undoubtedly when I opened the box of books following collection of the first print run from the printers… oh and making my first sale of course. 

A valuable lesson you have learnt?

Certainly to listen to the advice of people who have experience in this field. Valuable chats with author Nick Butterworth and Daniel at Fuller Davies printers allowed me to make sensible and the right choices for what we wanted to achieve. 

What’s your favourite product?  What do you pair it with?

Bruha Lager.  Perfect pairing is your best friends, but failing that some fish and chips.

What’s your favourite book?

Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck. I fist read it at school, as an adult, numerous times. I love the gritty themes Steinbeck tackles and the way he makes you feel about the Characters George and Lennie. 

How many books/products do you sell?

Stink the Sloth is our debut book and so is currently our only book out on the market, although a follow up book featuring Stink is nearing completion, so watch this space. 

Name one thing you couldn’t live without?

It may sound corny but it would 100% be my family.

What’s next for your business? 

Stink the Sloth is the Key Stage 1 text for a Character Creations competition run by Suffolk Home Start. The competition will be open to all Suffolk Primary Schools. We’re also looking to extend the venues that stock our book and plans are well underway for a follow up book, featuring Stink, as well as on exciting project, in particular, that’s in its infancy. 

If you could have one superpower, what would it be and why?

I would say the ability to teleport. It feels, at times, as if I need to be in three different places at once! 

Favourite song and why?

Live Forever by Oasis. Whenever I hear it, it reminds me of having fun with friends and the lyrics are certainly pertinent to me. 

What’s your best joke?

Being a teacher, it would have to be: How do cows do addition? They add one number the udder one or use a cow-culator.