A Story with Jack Rabbit Brewing Co.
August 26, 2022



What’s your story? How did your business start?

The business started back in 2019 in a disused piggery in one of the founders’ back gardens.  The initial idea came through the love of modern craft beer and the lack of this being available in the local area.  The troughs were knocked out of the barn, a new floor and drainage system were installed, a new roof was put on, and a brew kit was purchased from an upsizing brewery by Ben Nevis in Scotland!

It hasn’t been an easy ride navigating our way through the pandemic, but with low overheads, we managed to keep the brewery going and build brand awareness over the lockdown periods.  With increasing popularity, in 2021 the two founders decided to bring in further investment and more hands to the pump!

We recently moved to larger premises and have new kit on order that will more than double our capacity.

How many people are in your team?

We have four partners, Amir Anbouche, Spencer Gilbert, Bernie Barton and Spencer Pettitt, and a brewing Consultant Daniel Price.

Where are you based?

Prettyfields Vineyards by Ardleigh Reservoir, just outside Colchester.

What makes Jack Rabbit a cool place to work?

The people.  And the fact that we make beer!

What makes your products unique?

We make them with love smile

Inspiration behind Jack Rabbit?

It’s all for the love of craft beer! 

Best business moment?

Hopefully when our new brew house arrives very shortly! 

A valuable lesson you have learnt?

Never be afraid to punch above your weight.

What’s your favourite beer/ale? And how do you drink it? (paired with……..)

Summer Solstice – A one-off we brewed in lockdown.  Would love it to make a comeback.

How many products do you make?

Currently we have the following products:

Core Range:  Craft Lager, Hazy IPA and New England Pale

Specials:  A currently untitled Sour – Rhubarb & Strawberry Sour.   Original Gravity 1.066 – New England IPA

What’s your inspiration?

It’s all for the love of craft beer!

What’s next for your business?

Seeing how the expansion goes with the new kit as increasing the capacity will bring its challenges.  But possibly an outlet such as a pub or tap room.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without..


Favourite song and why?

Insomnia – Faithless.  Great build, even better drop. 

What’s your best joke?

Any and all Dad jokes.

You can find more information about Jack Rabbit on their website below, including their range of beers.