Artist of the Month – Lauren Hyde
February 19, 2024

artist of the month –
lauren hyde

It’s a new month which means a new artist of the month in our Cafe Gallery. This month it’s one of our own, Lauren, our Cafe superstar and skilled photographer. Here we learn more about Lauren’s passion for photography. 

Tell us a bit more about you, what you do and your story…

hi, my name is Lauren and I am an 18 year old photographer from Shotley, I currently work here in the Café and felt it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase my photography here in the Café Gallery! 

I discovered my passion for photography during the COVID 19 pandemic. During this time, I suffered terribly with my mental health and discovered going on walks and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes and wildlife, this was a huge distraction away from my anxiety. After the pandemic calmed, I started studying level 3 photography at Suffolk New College. I studied more in-depth in the photographic world and experimented with fashion and street photographyl this call all be found on my instagram ‘@_photography_by_lauren’. In my second year of studies, I designed my own Photography Business ‘Lauren Hyde Photography’, it was the best decision I ever made. Along the way I have photographed weddings, birthday parties, christenings and have even had the opportunity to work with the RAF on multiple occasions. Since finishing my photography course, I have carried on with my business alongside working here at the Café. I am very proud of my journey so far and hope to continue inspiring young, up and coming artists like myself! 

Where are you based? 

I am based in Shotley, Ipswich. 

How long have you been working with artistic medias? 

I have been doing photography for nearly four years now. 

What’s your favourite material?

In College I worked with Pentax 35mm film cameras and worked in the dark room; which has been my favourite medium. Snapping away and not knowing what you have taken until you have developed the film is a fun surprise every time. 

What’s your inspiration?

I am inspired by the village I live in. As the seasons change, so does the landscape. I share this on my social media platform because I am proud of the small part of the planet where I grew up. 

In terms of artists, Chris Buckland has recently been someone I have been inspired by. Buckard is best known for his stunning snaps of the Northern Lights. Even though Buckard focuses only on picturing this phenomenon, he is able to capture a different perspective every time. Whether that is changing to a different location, snapping at a new angle, or even adding in an element to give the photo dimension. 

What are your favourite topics/areas to cover? 

My number one favourite style of photography is fashion. I love to play around with colours, lighting, fashion trends and different beautiful models in the studio. During my studies at College, I made a 90s fashion magazine called ‘GETTIN’ JIGGY WITH IT’. I used 90s style clothing and accessories as well as using different locations in Ipswich to achieve a range of interesting imagery. I also switched it up by using a 90s film camera instead of a digital one to challenge my skills and achieve that autenthic 90s look. 

Where can people purchase your work? 

If you see something you like, or would like to book a photoshoot with myself, you can direct message me via: 

My Instagram account @_photography_by_laurennn or you can email me on 

What are your goals for the future? 

During college my dream was to adventure on and study at the London Metropolitan University in order to further explore my passion for fashion photography. I was offered a conditional place, but decided to carry on working on business, my mental health and my confidence. I hope that in the next few years, I can go back to my studies.

You can find Lauren’s work in the Café through February until mid March. 

Also everything Lauren has photographed, her day-to-day life and journey is on her Instagram page @_photography_by_laurennn 

She would be grateful of course if you could give her a follow and check out her work. 

If you like any of the displayed pieces you can purchase them by taking them to the tills.