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Diced Venison

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Taken from the shoulder and haunch the meat is cubed into proper sized pieces that are perfect for stewing or casseroles. Absolutely full of flavour!

All our venison is wild, and will generally be Fallow deer, from The Broxtead Estate. The deer feed on the potatoes and onions that are farmed on the estate, so tend to have a good covering of fat.

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With the odd exception, all of our game comes from our very own Broxtead Estate. The venison is all wild fallow, hanged for a week before breakdown to add to the rich flavour synonymous with game. It is lean, has a lovely texture to it and will hold up well to cooking. Seasonally, we have our own pheasants and partridges too.

The Broxtead Estate situated east of Woodbridge, provides the venison and game for the butchery. The Estate is in an AONB and conservation is very important much of the farm is left natural and no pesticides or fertilisers are used in the woodland or rough ground. This allows a wide range of wild herbs and grasses to give all the game plentiful and varied diet.

Potatoes and onions are also produced here and the farm borders Rendlesham Forest, so we have an abundance of venison that has had plentiful and varied diet, producing venison with a little fat covering and a wonderful flavour. There is a small private family shoot during the season which provides the butchery with pheasants and partridges.