Styngham Cottage Shotley Peninsula Lambs
March 19, 2024

styngham cottage – lambs

SFH on your takes an Easter turn as we head to Styngham Cottage on the Shotley Peninsuala, behind the scenes of their Farm and rearing of Lambs. 

when it comes to sourcing quality meat, nothing beats knowing exactly where your food comes from at Styngham Cottage, just a stone’s throw away from the Food Hall. The Farm match the philosophy, just a three minute drive from the Food Hall, the family-owned farm takes pride in every step of their lamb production. 

One of the things that sets Shotley Peninsula Lambs apart is their dedication to maintaining a true farm-to-fork experience. Here, the sheep are more than just livestock; they’re a cherished part of the landscape. Born and bred on the farm, the sheep spend their days grazing on lush green pastures and basking in the Suffolk Sunshine. What’s unique about Shotley Peninsula Lambs is their commitment to slow growth, unlike most alternatives, their sheep are given ample time to mature, typically reaching 6 months to a year old. This slow-growing process not only ensures better flavour and texture but also reflects the farm’s dedication to ethical and sustainable farming practices. 

Behind every successful farm is a strong partnership, and Styngham Cottage is no exception. Co-owner Alex works closely with a local farmer to utilise their land for grazing. It’s a great relationship where both parties benefit – the farmer gains green manure for his crops, while Shotley Peninsula Lambs have access to prime grazing land for their sheep. The farm’s sheep also play a crucial role in maintaining the landscape at Shotley Vineyard. Here, they happily munch away on weeds, reaching places where machinery can’t. It’s a win-win situation that not only supports local businesses but also ensures the sheep lead fulfilling lives. 

At Styngham Cottage, animal welfare is paramount. Unlike traditional methods that involve stressful trailer rides, the team opts for a gentler approach. Sheep are calmly walked from field to field, eliminating necessary stress and ensuring a better quality of life. This not only benefits the animals but also results in tastier, more tender meat. Beyond the practical benefits, this hands-on approach fosters a sense of community. Walking the sheep becomes a shared experience, bringing people together within the community. 

In the age of mass production and impersonal supply chains. Shotley Peninsula Lambs offers a refreshing alternative. With their dedication to traditional farming methods, strong local partnerships, and unwavering commitment to animal welfare, they’re not just providing delicious meat – they’re preserving a way of life. So the next time you savour a delicious lamb dish from our Butchery, remember the journey it took from field to fork and the community that made this possible. 

Lamb is the theme in our Butchery as we head toward Easter weekend, our Easter order book is open and if you would like to place an order with the team you can do in many ways. 

Talk to a member of staff in the Food Hall, give us a call on 01473 786610, email over at or you can shop the products via our Easter category on the order menu.