Truly Unique Pasta
September 30, 2022


Truly Unique Pasta

What’s your story? How did your business start?

Born in Italy, I moved to England in 2001 to take part in a new adventure in the restaurant industry with my family.  I learnt a lot from my Mamma, who loved to cook and would always invent new recipes.  After moving out of the catering industry, I continued to make fresh pasta as a hobby, until one day I decided to turn my hobby into Truly Unique Pasta.  And now I spend my days doing what I love again.

How many people are in your team?

Mainly myself in the production room, and a couple of friends in charge of deliveries.  My husband David also supports me in the background with marketing and admin work.

Where are you based?

In February 2022, I moved from a small laboratory at home to more spacious premises at Bentwaters Parks in Rendlesham.  With business going so well, I had to expand to ensure I could continue to provide the same service but on a larger scale.  I am also looking into setting up pasta making courses in the near future.

What makes Truly Unique a cool place to work?

I am constantly experimenting with herbs, spices and vegetables to create new and interesting flavours, whether seasonal or based around celebrations.  It’s fun and exciting and ever-changing, often led by customers’ opinions and requests.

What makes your products unique?

My clients are always amazed when they find out that the pasta I produce is handmade from scratch, and not batch produced.  From the mixing of ingredients to the turning of each pappardelle on the drying rack, my pasta is slow dried at low temperature to maintain the integrity of the wheat and durum wheat protein.  Every step in the production is carefully managed to ensure that every piece of pasta is perfect and beautiful, as it should be.

Inspiration behind Truly Unique Pasta?

My love for cooking and eating a tasty meal at the table with my family.  In Italy, “mangiare a tavols” (eating at the table) is a way of life and an important part of our day.  Our conversations often revolve around food, like the British talk about the weather. 

Best business moment?

Seeing customers return to buy more of my products. 

A valuable lesson you have learnt?

We need to believe in ourselves to be able to succeed.

What’s your favourite pasta dish? Do you pair it with anything special?

I love the fragrance of rosemary so when I managed to incorporate it into my pasta I was over the moon.  Rosemary is quite a hard herb, but I found a way to use it, without it affecting the structure of the pasta.  Served with a butter sauce and Parmesan cheese.  Delicious!

How many products do you make?

I have lost count; I am endlessly creating new products and combination

What’s your inspiration?

To grow my business doing something I feel passionate about.  Isn’t it wonderful to love the job that you do?!  My grandchildren are also a huge inspiration, they often bring new ideas to the table and we experiment together.  Look out for “Spasilli”, spaghetti meets fusilli – my next project inspired by Diego and Marco.

What’s next for your business?

Pasta making classes are on the agenda, and I am currently preparing for this next step.  Pasta sauces have also been introduced as a range of products at farmers’ markets which have proven very successful.

Name one thing you couldn’t live without..

The support of my family.

Favourite song and why?

Fragile – Sting.  Lots of memories there. 

What’s your best joke?

A pregnant woman woke up from a coma, and found she gave birth to twins, a boy and a girl.  She then asked the doctor who named the children and the doctor replied, your brother did.  The fear on her face was visible, “oh nooo please tell me what names he has chosen for them”.  The doctor replied, “it is very simple madame, he has named the girl Denise and the boy Denephew”.

You can find more information about Truly Unique Pasta on their website below.