Gardening in February
February 01, 2023

Jobs to do in February

Whilst frosty January is a good month for dreaming and planning a garden, February (hopefully!) means we can start getting back out there again.  With a host of jobs to ensure your garden looks its best this summer and to provide a healthy habitat for wildlife, there are many positive things to do now.

1.  Gently rake up any remaining leaves from borders and paths.  Be careful not to damage new shoots and bulbs poking through the soil.  A Burgon and Ball culti rake is slightly flexible and smaller than your usual garden rake.

Pile the leaves up in a corner of the garden or keep in an old compost bag to make leaf mould.

 2.  Start adding plant supports this month around any plant that needs vital support once summer arrives

These are so much easier to get in place now, use strong twigs and twine or rusty metal supports look ornamental in winter but disappear in summer and provide great stability for roses, iris and peonies in particular.

3. Sow seeds in a greenhouse or on a window sill.

A small mix of Hardy annuals for bees and butterflies is beneficial and beautiful.  Speedball meadow mix tins can be scattered directly outside later or sown inside now.

Sweet peas can be sown in old toilet rolls tubs placed together in a tin which provides room for roots to grow.

Many vegetable plans can be started under cover now too.  Fibre posts can be transplanted straight into the garden once the ground is warmer.

Try sowing carrots, mangetout, radishes and lettuce to give yourself a healthy set-up for the year.

4. On rainy days why not make a sweet woodland table display using potted bulbs and moss or give potted bulbs wrapped up to friends.

5. Keep feeding the birds.  A wide range of feed and feeders will attract all kinds of birds.  Include sunflower seeds, fat balls with insects, Niger seed and table seed mixes.  Ceramic bird baths and water feeders look lovely too.

With thanks to Bob Robin for keeping me company as I write this.