Gardening in March
March 07, 2023

the month of march in the garden

March is a wonderfully busy time to garden. There is much to do preparing the soil and planting seeds. With a mixture of weather, fine days can be spent outdoors whilst rainy days allow for planting and proper gabion either in a greenhouse or on a window sill. 

1. Gently weed between spring bulbs and any plants emerging. Use a culti rake to sweep up any remaining leaves then hoe lightly. 

2. Now is the perfect time to plant summer bulbs once the weather is a little warmer because as you can see, where the spring bulbs are, it is much easier not to disturb them when digging. 

3. Also now is a great time to divide up any perennials that have outgrown a space. A perfect way to get more plants in the garden. 

4. Keep an eye on any seeds you have sown. Once seedlings are big enough, transfer them to a sheltered spot outside to harden off. 

5. Even if outside space is limited lots can be grown in a pot, bucket or trough. Try potatoes, leeks, onions, salad leaves and tomatoes planted undercover in a sunny spot whilst a mix of perennial and annual flowers will bring plenty of colour. 

6. Keep feeding the birds and put up nest boxes where cats can’t get to them. 

7. Feed shrubs and perennial plants with seaweed feed. 

8. Plant beautiful roses (or two) with our special David Austin Rose offer. Buy any two David Austin roses, climbing or shrub for £50 (£2.995 each). David Austin specialises in old-fashioned scented roses. 

Lots to do in the garden in March, if you need some help or advice come and talk to me in the Garden Centre.