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Butterflied & Rolled Turkey Breast Fillet

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Double or single boneless breast fillet of turkey, or ‘turkey butterfly’, from Hubbards Farm run by William Grove-Smith in Shalford near Braintree. Rolled and wrapped by the Team in lightly smoked streaky bacon… so easy to carve!

£15.95 per kg

Single fillet rolled

Small ~ 2.0kg (6 to 8 people)
Medium ~ 2.5kg (8 to 10 people)
Large ~ 3.0kg (10 to 14 people)

Double (whole) fillet rolled

Small ~ 4.0kg (14 to 16 people)
Medium ~ 5.0kg (16 to 18 people)
Large ~ 6.0 kg (18 to 22 people)

Please choose the number of fillets and the approximate size and we will do our best to meet your requirements, although you will only be charged for the actual (dressed) weight supplied.

Available from 21st December.

Actual Weight (kg)
Total Price

£15.95 kg


For Christmas we call upon Hubbards Farm (William Grove-Smith in Shalford, Braintree) for butterflied & rolled turkey breast fillets

The meat and skin of these birds is remarkable as they have been hand-reared from day old chicks, and free to roam, forage and express themselves across large grass meadows. The birds also have access to roomy sheds for shelter overnight. After a maturing slowly, they are slaughtered, plucked and finished by hand on farm before being hung to allow the natural fats to set and intensify the flavour. Processing on farm and delivering direct to the Food Hall ensures quality, minimal transport and that traditional roast.

This year we’re privileged to get our whole birds from the ever reliable Chris Mobbs, at Cratfield, and we use Gressingham for duck and geese.

Available from December 18th

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Smoked Brine Cured Streaky Bacon. 98% Pork. Preservatives E250, E252 (sodium nitrite & potassium nitrate), Antioxidant E300 (ascorbic acid, vitamin C)


Single, Double


Small, Medium, Large