Say Cheese
May 16, 2019

Say   Cheese

Barbecue season is here and it’s not just about burgers, sausages and kebabs, oh no, it’s much more than that. Like cheese! we spoke to our delicatessen superstar Harry who gave us his top cheeses for the BBQ season. 

Chevre Buche

Chevre Buche is one of our best cooking cheeses for all those Goat cheese fans. A flavour that will fill the mouth with a gorgeous taste, Chevre Buche is perfect to melt with aubergine and pepper skewers giving them an extra boost. Chop it up and scatter it in a freshly created salad to go with all your BBQ meats. 


Gorgonzola is one of the Food Hall’s best sellers, with its distinctive look of trying to run away. Served in pots, Gorgonzola gives every blue cheese lover the bite they want for their burgers or even caked on a piece of baguette. If not on your burger, you can always roast off some mushrooms and drizzle it over them for another delicious side or starter. 

Oak Smoked Truckle

Oak smoked Truckle Cheddar is what you are looking for no matter what burger you are having. Blended with the rich creamy taste of the Vintage Truckle Cheddar, this cheese is smoked to perfection, adding that smokiness for true BBQ vibes. 


Norway’s most well-known cheese, best for meting on top of a big juicy beef burger with its nutty flavour and buttery texture; a particularly good cheese for cooking. 

You can find all these cheeses and more in our delicatessen counter. Talk to a member of the team for more help or even create your own cheeseboard.