The perfect smoothie – our top tips
Smoothies, they're not just for summer... try our top tips for the perfect smoothie
February 05, 2019

Make the perfect   Smoothie

Really ramp up how good you’re feeling this spring by starting your day with a vitamin packed smoothie. All you need is a blender – although a gadget such as the Nutribullet will help to get a really well blended result, and will save on the washing up too.

Try to include at least the same quantity of raw leafy green vegetables, such as spinach or kale, as fruit in your smoothie in order to cut down on sugar and calories. You can often save money on soft fruit by buying it in bulk and freezing it, and the same goes for leafy vegetables. A handful of both can then just be added straight from the freezer, meaning nothing goes off or goes to waste.

Choose your liquid – good things to try are water, juice, yoghurt or almond or coconut milk – and add enough to make your smoothie the consistency that you are after.

Add milled seeds (such as linseed or chai), goji berries or some porridge oats for added goodness and to fill you up and give you more energy.  How about a slice of fresh ginger for fragrancy and a detox?  Also add ice, so that your smoothie is refreshingly chilled.