February 23, 2019

Our   Sourdough

Our standard sourdough is made with Marriages Premier White high grade flour, it’s high in protein and untreated with no improvers. We only add salt, water and a sourdough wild yeast starter made with just rye flour and water instead of commercial yeast. Long fermentation, folding and stretching stages are used to develop great flavour, a firm crust and a beautiful open crumb with a lovely texture. This is available everyday, we have developed a couple of other flavours which we produce at weekends.  

Spelt and caraway seed sourdough, we use 100% Marriages spelt flour to make these loaves.  We’ve gone bold in flavour here with whole caraway seeds and the nutty flavour from the spelt. Spelt is an ancient grain and is a lot less gluten than wheat so it’s great for those wanting to lower their gluten intake and a great alternative to wheat. 

Six-seeder sourdough made with Marriages Moulsham seed flour which includes brown linseed, millet seed, poppy seed, pumpkin seed, sunflour seed and ground malt. This is a dense loaf providing lots of goodness and also great with cheese (that you can find from the delicatessen counter next to the bakery). 

All of our bread and rolls are prepared the day before and left to proove overnight to develop plenty of flavour, ready to bake fresh every morning! 

We are looking to pursue new flavours and breads, including stilton and walnut soda bread and Rye and Ale! Is there a bread or flavour you’d love to see in the bakery? Let us know.