Our perfect Cheeseboard
May 26, 2022

Cheeseboard   Tips

From what cheese to choose, to perfect partners that will complement and enhance the flavours. This food blog will help you with all that and more. 

When assembling the perfect cheeseboard, you must have a good variety of cheeses, aim to have at least four as a starting point, then add cheeses in relation to the amount of guests or those tucking in. A classic cheeseboard will contain a firm cheese, blue cheese, soft and creamy cheese and finally a speciality cheese to top it off. 

We love to celebrate local artisan producers, for example, Truckle Cheddar is a hard cheddar with a creamy aftertaste, better yet, they are based in Cambridge. It’s a fan favourite with both staff and customers, pair it with Stokes Chill Jam, which is a delicious sticky jam ideal for cheeses, the jam has a warming chilli flavour without being overpowering. 

Next up, we have the Suffolk Blue, it is light, creamy and slightly salty, this is good if you’re not a fan of a full-on blue flavour. Produced just 14 miles from the Food Hall in Creeting St Mary by White Gate Farm. From the same Farm we also stock their Suffolk Brie, it has a lovely full flavour, soft but with a nutty hint. A perfect partner to these cheeses is the Fabulously Figgy Jam produced by Scarlett & Mustard. Simmered for several hours to ensure an intense, rich, and gooey jam produced in their kitchens in Framlingham. 

Finaly, we have our Speciality Welsh cheese, which is Y-Fenni. We chose this because it is a cheddar cheese blended with mustard seeds and ale. A creamy, semi-hard cheese with a lovely aftertaste. Pair this with another local supplier, Stokes, based in Rendlesham and their Beer Chutney. The chutney is made with locally sourced beer, root veg, apples and a selection of warm spices.

After the cheese selection has been made, which is difficult! you have to think about the accompaniments because cheese loves company. The Fine Cheese Co have biscuits for specific cheese types and will add style to your cheeseboard. 

Toast for cheese with cherries, almonds and linseeds is a light and crip toast (baked twice like biscotti) and uniquely studded with 55% fruits, nuts and seeds. It is ideal with blue cheeses.

Within this range we also have the Bath Squares, which is a part of their heritage range. These are crisp, unsweetened, and made with the finest British butter, they are a sublime carrier for cheese. 

Finally, we chose the extra virgin olive oil sea salt crackers, which are a crunchy cracker ideal for any hard cheese. 

Add nuts, like Spanish almonds for a salty crunch, also seasonal fruit is a perfect partner for cheese. Think about grapes, apples or pears for freshness and to balance flavours. 

Our deli team are always happy to advise you in the Food Hall on seasonal specials and local favourites to enjoy with friends and family. 

Deli team.