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It is one of the more economical cuts of beef. Many people may avoid buying it because of some visible fat – yet this is what makes the chuck steak so flavourful, ideal to cube for slow roasts, stews and curries.

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A boneless cut taken from the first three ribs of the forequarter and extending up to the neck. A less tender open grained meat as it is a large working muscle with strong connective tissue so best suited to slow cooking methods.

Tradition is central to the Suffolk Food Hall butchery team. We have our very own herd of Red Poll cows how run with either a pedigree Red Poll bull or an Aberdeen Angus bull and are often grazing on the front paddocks that are nurtured to a level of quality rather than for a set time. Occasionally it’s not possible for the farm to keep up with demand so we look to friends and other local farmers of the traditional breeds, Lincoln Red, Aberdeen Angus, and Longhorn for support.

Our beef is tender, hanged for at least 28 days to ensure the mature flavour it deserves and boasts beautiful fat content, the root of the flavour, with marbling throughout.