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Minute Steak

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Unlike most beef this is flavoursome without much fat, there is a little marbling throughout. The lean cut means it cooks quickly and is the best choice for stir fry or a steak sarnie!

It represents superb value, taken from a muscle next to the topside and silverside called the Top rump in the hind leg. All our hind quarters are hung for 4-5 weeks so this really does work for a quick and easy steak sandwich, super value too.

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£19.95 kg


Choose the size (individual weight) you want, typically 200g to even 1kg, and then specify the quantity of steaks you would like.

Tradition is central to the Suffolk Food Hall butchery team. We have our very own herd of Red Poll cows how run with either a pedigree Red Poll bull or an Aberdeen Angus bull and are often grazing on the front paddocks that are nurtured to a level of quality rather than for a set time. Occasionally it’s not possible for the farm to keep up with demand so we look to friends and other local farmers of the traditional breeds, Lincoln Red, Aberdeen Angus, and Longhorn for support.

Our beef is tender, hanged for at least 28 days to ensure the mature flavour it deserves and boasts beautiful fat content, the root of the flavour, with marbling throughout.