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Gammon smoked or unsmoked

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After a little cooking, this is perfect to supply the family with super ham for a while!

On the bone is typically 8 to 10kg (up to 25 servings) or a half on the bone at 4.0 to 5.0 kg, at £9.95/kg
Boned & rolled at £10.50/kg gives you more choice, from 1.0 to 5.0kg.  Allow 150-200g of gammon (uncooked weight) per person.

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We like to get our pork from Chris Schwier, who runs a small family farm just on the Norfolk side of the Suffolk boarder. He has an outdoor herd of Large White crossed Duroc, which is looked after by a small team and finished in strawed barns to consistency. Bramfield Meats, who do all our butchery logistics, also uses these pigs for its range of cured products; echoing the kudos we feel Chris’ pigs provide.

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1.0kg, 1.5kg, 2.0kg, 2.5kg, 3.0kg, 3.5kg, 4.0kg, 4.5kg, 5.0kg, 5.5kg, 8.0kg, 8.5kg, 9.0kg, 9.5kg, 10.0kg


Cure preservatives: E230, E250, Antioxidant E300