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Lamb Rump

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A beautiful little roasting joint, this is ideal for one or two and has a lovely flavour that comes from the fat it boasts, getting this to crisp is the key to unlocking the flavours. A great alternative to your traditional ‘steakhouse’ cuts.

Simple to cook so a great idea for a quick meal during a busy week.

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The Butchery team canvases local farms to get the best lamb, in its prime, from shepherding systems that produce the quality, to the right values, we know you want. We look for smaller flocks, on family farms, with the highest welfare standard and significant agri-environment aspirations. Breeds tend to a Texel based mules, crossed with a Suffolk tup. Lambing is in the spring so they’re straight onto grass to produce more tender, succulent meat.

The farms we know produce the right lamb, with slightly wider backs to the prime cuts are fuller, include: Bull Farm, Felthorpe. Green Farm, Little Barningham. Woodlands Farm, Bracon Ash. Bowse Farm, Saham Toney. Pear Tree Farm, Erpingham.