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We provide Gift Cards, onto which any increment of £1 can be paid after an initial minimum of £10, up to a maximum of £500.

The balance associated with a card can be redeemed (in whole or in part) in the Food Hall, Home & Garden, the Cook House restaurant or the Café.  Further payment can be added to a card at any time via a till in the Food Hall or the Cook House.

Please select the value for your gift and choose the ‘Gift Card 1st class’ Post option at check-out.  You can then also add a message and a delivery address for a different recipient.

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The money is held as a payment on account against that specific card.  Please look after the card and treat it as if it is cash.  If the card is lost, damaged or stolen, its financial balance cannot be recovered or reimbursed.

The balance associated with a card can be confirmed at any till.  If the balance on a card is all spent, please return the card so Suffolk Food Hall can reuse it and re-assign it to another gift payment.  The card itself remains property of Suffolk Food Hall Ltd, the financial entitlement remains with the card holder (irrespective of who put payments onto the card) until spent or the payment on account has expired.

Orders for gift cards are processed Monday to Friday. If ordered on our website over the weekend, your card will be posted (or available for collection) on the next normal working day.  Gift Cards (both ones with variable amounts and afternoon tea) are also available anytime in the Food Hall and from the Cook House restaurant if you would like to come in and collect from a till. Please note that eTickets or eVouchers are not available, currently.

Gift Cards cannot be exchanged for cash, in whole or in part, and are valid for 24 months from the 'date of last activity' whether the initially loading, partial redemption or additional loading.  Terms & Conditions apply.

Extended voucher policy (1/10/21)
Customers will be pleased to know that Suffolk Food Hall is moving to a Gift Card system, which will provide greater flexibility to vary the amount, as well as how it is redeemed. To allow for this transition and being mindful of difficulties some customers have had to redeem (paper) Gift Vouchers during the COVID-19 pandemic, Suffolk Food Hall is pleased to extend the following terms:

  • All Vouchers (Afternoon Tea & £10 gift) purchased before 1st February 2021 have been extended to 31st January 2022, including those bought before the pandemic
  • Similarly, any Vouchers purchased since 1st February 2021 can be redeemed in the normal way, up to 31st January 2022
  • After 31st January 2022, if a Voucher is still within its 12-month lifespan, the value can only be redeemed if it is transferred to a Gift Card.
  • It is not possible to transfer a Voucher to a Gift Card before 31st January 2022, although new Gift Cards are now available.


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