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Smoked Streaky Bacon

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Local pork belly, trimmed with the rind off, Wiltshire cured in brine for 4 to 5 days, before being oak smoked (with a tiny bit of beech wood) overnight, then cut into thick slices for absolutely lovely streaky bacon. Perfect on top of a burger, wrapped around a chicken breast or in a sandwich all on its own!

c. 45 rashers to the kg, or 20 to the lbs

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We like to get our pork from Chris Schwier, who runs a small family farm just on the Norfolk side of the Suffolk boarder. He has an outdoor herd of Large Whites crossed Duroc, which is looked after by a small team and finished in strawed barns for consistency. Bramfield Meats, who do all our butchery logistics, also use these pigs for their range of cured products. We feel this echoes the quality and prestige Chris’ pigs provide.

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Smoked Brine Cured Bacon. 98% Pork. Preservatives E250, E252 (sodium nitrite & potassium nitrate), Antioxidant E300 (ascorbic acid, vitamin C)